The manufacture of coatings and composite materials may be realised by different technological approaches. In the case of roll-to-roll coating a reduction of process time and energy consumption is another objective. Recent developments aim at the utilisation of dielectric heating for drying and gelling processes, at alternative techniques for foaming of PVC pastes and at low temperature bonding technologies for polymer materials without using adhesives.

At FILK, there is a wide range of technological facilities provided for the manufacture of such materials. Just as wide is the range of polymers and polymer masses that can be processed at FILK.

Multi-Purpose Pilot Plant

The modular designed plant (OLBRICH GmbH) with an operating width of 80 cm operates under industry-like conditions providing different application units, e.g. coater blade, RRC and Foulard, for coating textiles, paper and films. Thus, nearly any liquid or pasty coating systems can be applied on substrates and solidfied in the hot air duct or by IR or UV curing units. Modules for laminating, embossing and gravure printing are also available.

Calander Coating Plant

On this 2 roller calander (KKA GmbH) with an operating width of 70 cm thermoplastic polymers, particulary PVC-P, TPU and TPO, can be hot-melted directly to flexible substrates such as open-mesh and closed fabrics, non-wovens and paper. For compounding and mass preparation the coating line provides a twin-screw extruder. In addition,  the plant facilitates modulels for laminating, embossing and for corona treatment. 

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