Collagen, which can be extracted from hides, tendons, ligaments and other connective tissue, is used in many branches, such as the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and medical products industries. It can be processed into films, threads, tubes or 3D molds in order to produce hemostyptics , implants, drug delivery systems, cell carriers or even meat packs and sausage casings. Collagen can also be hydrolyzed to gelatin or short-chain non-gelling peptides.

The structure of collagen varies with the type of animal, the breed, the species and the age. Furthermore, different treatment processes lead to different material properties.

We research and develop new materials from collagen as well as process technology for these materials. We accompany these processes with specific analytical methods.


The field Biochemistry at FILK focuses on the analytical monitoring of processes for the preparation of collagene raw materials and the characterization of collagen-based products ... read more

Collagen analysis

For the analysis of collagen, tests methods according to ASTM-Standard F 2212 „Characterization of Type I Collagen as Starting Material for Surgical Implants and Substrates for Tissue Engineered Medical Products (TEMPs)” are well-established … read more

Cell culture

The research focus of the cell culture laboratory is the processing of collagen preparations to three-dimensional polymer matrices, filiform and tubular structures and their cell colonization, using 3D printing and freeze drying, ... read more


For the determination of molds on the natural leather products and semi-finished leather product FILK provides a comprising genetic database and many years of experience... read more

Cleanroom laboratory

For the application in medical or pharmaceutical products and in the cosmetics industry, the production, conditioning and processing of collagen requires particularly clean conditions. The institute has a cleanroom laboratory ... read more

Development of collagen-based materials

Due to its excellent biocompatibility, collagen is particularly suitable for applications in the medical, medical engineering, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food technology industries ... read more


Head of Division Biopolymers/Collagen
Dr. Michael Meyer
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