Testing of leather, leatherboards, collagenous materials

We test for you the following single parameters:

Chemical-analytical tests and analyses (assortment)

1) Contents and chemical parameters

Volatile substances DIN EN ISO 4684
Ashes (total, sulphated /water insoluble, sulphated) DIN EN ISO 4047
Fat content (dichloromethane extract) DIN EN ISO 4048
PH-value determination DIN EN ISO 4045
Water soluble substances / elution DIN EN ISO 4098
Chromium oxide content DIN EN ISO 5398-1 (Chromleder); DIN EN ISO 5398-2 (chromfreie Leder);
Collagen content FILK-QMA 2003 (Hydroxyprolin-Methode)
Amid nitrogen detection FILK-QMA 2013
Total nitrogen content DIN 53308*
Chloride FILK-QMA 2015
Aldehydes (e.g. formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, glyoxal, glutaraldehyde) DIN EN ISO 17226-1
DIN EN ISO 17226-2

2) Hazardous substances in leather and collagen

Formaldehyde content DIN EN 17226-1 (HPLC)
DIN EN 17226-2 (Kalorimetrie)
Formaldehyde in leather auxiliaries DIN EN ISO 27587
Aldehydes DIN EN 17226-1 (HPLC)
Chromium VI content DIN EN ISO 17075 
Chromium VI content in chrome tanning agents DIN EN ISO 19071
Azo dyes DIN 17234

Pentachlorophenol / chlorinated phenols
(PCP, TriCP, TeCP),
Dichlorphenol, Monochlorphenol

DIN EN ISO 17070
Biocides (TCMTB, OIT, CMK, OPP) DIN EN ISO 13365
Heavy metal, contents DIN EN ISO 17072-2
Heavy metal, elutable DIN EN ISO 17072-1
DMF ISO/TS 16189

3) Emissions and odour

Total carbon emission (TVOC) VDA277 
Thermal desorption VDA278
Formaldehyde emission VDA275, DIN EN ISO 17226-3
Odour VDA270 und andere
Fogging DIN 75201 und andere

Please, get more detailed information on our extensive test and analysis services in field of emissions and odour at our emission tests pages.


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