The competence team "Functional Polymer Coatings – Components, Technology, Properties“ focuses on the manufacture of laminar, flexible composite materials by using modified polymer systems, innovative material combinations and corresponding manufacturing technologies thus creating functional coated materials. Research activities aim at a better understanding of basic and application-specific relations between structure and properties of these materials in order to utilise this knowledge for the development and application of new, multifunctional composite materials.

Modification of Coating Systems

One requirement for creating multifunctional materials are modified coating systems. These systems have to feature an optimum processing behaviour and ensure the target characteristics. Read more...

Multifunctional materials

Core of the development of composite materials with new combinations of properties is the coating of textile or other substrates with polymer dispersions, polymer solution or polymer melts which have been modified. Read more...

Coating Technologies and Technical Facilities

The manufacture of coatings and composite materials may be realised by different technological approaches. In the case of roll-to-roll coating a reduction of process time and energy consumption is another objective. At FILK, there are a wide range of technological facilities provided for the manufacture of such materials. Read more...


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