Review of the 6th Freiberg Leather Days

Marking a new record in number of participants, the 6th Freiberg Leather Days ended on 22nd of June. Around 220 delegates from 20 countries were attending the two-day technical conference, following the invitation of the organizers, the Association for Tannery Chemistry and Technology (VGCT) and the Forschungsinstitut für Leder und Kunststoffbahnen (FILK) to the Netherlands in Oisterwijk. The Dutch association NVLST had also contributed to the success of the conference and provided many Dutch participants. There was a concentration of delegates representing companies along the automotive leather supply chain. A number of footwear and leather goods tanners as well as several German and European leather chemical makers are also present.

An empty factory hall of the former "Royal Leather Factory" (KVL) offered an unusual conference venue. There was enough space for the numerous international participants, who defied the extraordinary heat and were interested in the 19 lectures.

The opening of the 6th Freiberg Leather Days in Oisterwijk was made by Dr. Haiko Schulz (General Manager FILK), Marc Oomens (executive board member NVLST) and Martin Heise (executive board member VGCT)
View to the stage of the conference hall, one of the old factory halls of KVL

Prior to the start of the technical program, the annual VGCT awards were held. Dr. Beate Haaser (Südleder GmbH), Member of the Executive Board of VGCT, honored Yannick Strebost (HELLER-LEDER GmbH & Co. KG) as the best trainees and Mads-Holst Jensen (former Scan-Hide). These prices are endowed with 500 €.

The VGCT Annual Prize has been awarded to Manfred Willsch (Profashional Media GmbH) in appreciation of his extraordinary commitment to the leather and leather processing industry and as recognition for his long-standing and active work to strengthen the industry. The laudation was held by Martin Heise.

Dr. Beate Haaser (VGCT) hands over the VGCT promotional award for the best apprentice to Yannick Strebost (HELLER-LEATHER)
Dr. Beate Haaser (VGCT) hands over another VGCT promotional award for the second-best apprentice to Mads-Holst Jensen (former with Scan Hides)
Laudatory speaker Martin Heise (VGCT) hands the VGCT annual prize to Manfred Willsch (Profashional Media GmbH)
The conference was well visited

The lecture program was multifaceted: from the raw material, through various tanning mechanisms and tanning technology, to finishing. But also sustainability and wastewater avoidance were interesting topics and were well discussed.

In the afternoon between the two conference days you could participate in various guided tours in Oisterwijk and the surrounding area. The "La Trappe" brewery found the most appeal here. In the evening, the social dinner offered the opportunity for social gathering and informal exchange.

The 7th Freiberger Ledertage will take place on 13th and 14th June 2018 in Freiberg again. The organizers are already looking forward to their guests from Europe and around the world.

Dr. Dietrich Tegtmeyer (LANXESS Deutschland GmbH) presented the image film "IULTCS 2019", which will be held in Dresden (DE), together with the 8th Freiberger Ledertagen
During the breaks there was lively exchange indoors ...
... and outside
The conference office was in an unusual place: in the old steam engine house. This was once in operation for emergency power supply for whole Oisterwijk

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