Surface Properties and Tribology

The competence team "Surface Properties and Tribology, Functionalization, Method Development" focuses on four main areas:

Clarification and explanation of surface phenomena and description of material characteristics such as friction, wear, stick-slip, haptics, and sensors system of soft viscoelastic materials (Tribology):

Subjective haptic and skin sensory perceptions are matched with some new objective measurement methods. Team deepens and expands continuously knowledge and material understanding in friction processes, particularly in the stick-slip behaviour of typical interior materials such as leather, imitation leather, textiles, thermoplastics and elastomers. Thereby, the improvement and development of appropriate measurement and evaluation methodology is included.

Objective (re)adjustment of comfort features and comfort sensation:

Subjective haptic and skin sensory perceptions are matched with some new objective measurement methods. To improve the comfort, the heat behaviour of passive seat constructions in vehicles depending on the material composition and environmental conditions are collected or recorded.

Surface modification and thin coating:

Furthermore, there is still a part of the researcher which deals with the targeted modification and Functionalization of material surfaces by means of plasma processes, fluorination and flaming. Barrier coating and wear-protection coating in nanometer scale, adhesion improvement by installation of functional groups as well as hydrophobising or hydrophilization of surfaces are just a few of the typical targets. All those technics are applied in medical products, food packaging, flexible light-emitting diodes and solar cells as well as leather, interlayer, synthetic materials and all other kinds coated fabrics and plastic films.

Characterisation and modification of lacquer coat:

The works for the application and characterization of coatings on different substrates include the evaluation of wetting behaviour, rheological research on lacquer, thermoanalytical characterization of drying and networking operations as well as the evaluation of adhesion and the paint quality.


Dr Andrea Stoll
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