The independent, and accredited test laboratory of the institute offers a wide range of testing services. These include standardised tests according to German, European and international standardisation bodies (DIN, EN, ISO, VDA), technical terms and conditions of supply of the automotive and furniture industries and other branches of industry in which flexible polymer materials are applied. In addition, there are test and service offers such as process or research accompanying analytics, the proof of usability or of functionalities, comparative material tests, pollutant analyses as well as analysis of the marketability of materials according to statutory provisions.

Equipped with the most up-to-date laboratory and testing facilities, FILK offers a wide range of tests for the determination of typical chemical-analytical and physical-mechanical material properties.  A technically profound consultancy concerning the selection of suitable testing methods and a secured interpretation of results complete the range of services offered.  The high material and test competency, in connection with the scientific-technological background offer additional assistance and consultancy concerning problems in the product development, the production processes or the product quality.  For this purpose, comprehensive special analytics is available for versatile tasks such as damage and material failure analyses. The tasks of the test laboratory also include expertise.