• Shrinkage temperature and enthalpy
  • Water vapour permeability / adsorption
  • Force and length measurement under climate change conditions
  • Determination of isoelectric point (Zeta potential)
  • Determination of animal species of leather
  • Microbiological tests for leather and leather products (classic microbiology, molecular-biological methods)
  • Analysis of leathers from any period of time (methods with minimal need for sample material)

For testing of leather and leather products according to standards please see the site of our accredited test lab or use the links below.

Physical-mechanical tests

Chemical analysis

Emission testing

Since 2017 FILK is also member the OEKO-TEX® community and certifying body according to the Leather Standard by OEKO-TEX®.


For determination of content of tanning agents in vegetable tanning substances we offer Freiberg Hide Powder as a standard reagent.