Core of development of composite materials with new combinations of properties is the coating of textiles or other substrates with polymer-based dispersions, solutions or melts which have been modified. In most cases the coating systems are based on polyurethane, polyvinylchloride or silicone.

From this films, membranes, coated textiles or laminates can be manufactured showing not only proper mechanical properties but also additional functionalities such as semipermeable, elecrtically conductive, resistant to washing or flame retardant or may have extraordinary decorative features.

Applications of these materials are multi-facetted and in lay in hygiene textiles, breathable and/or heatable medical textiles, safety clothing, membranes with substance depots for shoe soles, for interior of transport vehicles with high requirements regarding fire protection or as protective layer against staining and soiling or migration of softeners and other additives.

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