Leather Technology

In representing the senior field of competence deriving from the institute´s roots research activities are focused on the whole process of technology for leather manufacture: New technologies for liming, tanning, re-tanning  and finishing. Research works comprise fundamental approaches but also optimisation concepts for technologies, formulations and auxiliaries.

Tannery Pilot Plant

Research activities in FILK´s tannery pilot plant traditionally include all process steps of leather manufacture: swelling, liming and bating, tanning, re-tanning and finishing. Due to a global division of labour in the leather manufacturing and processing more frequently scientific issues regarding the use preserving agents and determination of insufficient effectiveness. Read more...

Special analysis and method development for leather

In the field of leather analysis and characterisation methods are searched for answering questions not easily solved with standardised analytical methods, e. g. determination of tanning technology, behaviour under climate change with recording of force and length meassurement values, permeability for water vapour in varying climate, water vapour absorption curves of diffrently tanned leathers or determination of aw-values in correlation to the risk of  mould infestation. Read more...


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