Testing of Emissions and odour

We offer tests for emissions from leather, artificial leather, plastics, textiles and other materials, composites and sub-assemblies, i. a. for car interior materials in accordance with specifications of the following automotive manufacturers: Volkswagen/AUDI (VW 50180), Daimler-Chrysler, BMW, Porsche (PN 780), Volvo, General Motors/Opel, PSA Peugeot Citroen, Ford, Saab and Toyota.

Information testing services (single parameter, standards, test extent):

Organic emission tests / static headspace


VDA 277 (edition: 1995-01)

"Non-metalic materials for automotive interior - determination of emission of organic compounds"

Our test services:  
tests according to:

VDA 277; PV 3341 (VW/AUDI);

STD 1027, 2714 (Volvo);

GMW 8081 (General Motors)

sample quantity for test: 10 g or 10 cm x 10 cm
Thermodesorption / dynamic headspace
(VOC, Fog) "Daimler-Chrysler-Method"
VDA 278 (edition: 2002-09)

"Thermodesorption analysis of organic emissions for characterisation of non-metalic materials for automobiles"

Our test services:  

tests for:

VDA 278; PB VWL 709 (Daimler); GMV 15634 (General Motors)
sample quantity for test: 10 g

Furthermore, GC/MS-tests on basis of thermodesorption (following VDA 278 - heavyly volatile compounds) and static headspace (following VDA 277 - easiliy volatile compounds) may be employed for the following issues:

  • Failure diagnostics (claims / complaints)
  • Examination of fogging deposition
  • Odour problems
  • Analysis for recipe issues of polymers and leather / competitor sample analysis
  • Plasticiser analysis

Fogging behaviour

DIN 75201
(edition: 2011-09)

"Determination of the windscreen fogging characteristics of trim materials in motor vehicles"

DIN EN 14288
(edition: 2004-03)
"Leather - Physical and mechanical tests - Determination of fogging charakteristics"
ISO 6452
(edition: 2007-06)
"Rubber- or plastic coated fabries -Determination of fogging characteristics of trim materials in the interior of automobiles"
Our test services:  
1. Fogging-test (gravimetric): Standards: DIN 75201-B; ISO 17071;
DIN EN 14288-B;
ISO 6452-B; SAE J 1756
Volkswagen/AUDI: PV 3015
GM/Opel: GME 60326-A; GMW 3235-B;
Toyota: TSM05036-B; PSA Peugeot: D45 1727
 sample quantity for test: 2 test bodies 8 cm Ø or 2 x 10 g
2. Fogging-test (reflectometric): Standards: DIN 75201-A, DIN EN 14288-A,
ISO 6452-A
Volkswagen/AUDI: PV 3015; PV 3920;
Toyota: TSM05036-B; PSA Peugeot: D45 1727
sample quantity for test:

4 test bodies 80 mm Ø or 4 x 10 g

Standard: SAE J 1756
General Motors/Opel: GME 60326-B; GMW 3235-A
Volvo: STD 1027, 2711; VCS 1027, 2719
SAAB: STD 1082

sample quantity for test: 3 test bodies 80 mm Ø or 3 x 10 g
3. Fogging
Fogging measurement system according to DIN 75201-A
Similar to   Honda HES D6508-95, 
Hyundai/Kia MS 300-54
sample quantity for test: test bodies 80 mm Ø oder 4 x 10 g


VDA 270 (edition: 1992-10)

"Determination of the odour characteristics of trim materials in motor vehicles"

variations: test conditions:
VDA 270 - A1 or -B1 or -C1 23°C x 24 h (damp)
VDA 270 - A2 or -B2 or -C2 40°C x 24 h (damp)
VDA 270 - A3 or -B3 or -C3 80°C x 2 h (dry)
our test services:  
odour for: VDA 270; PV 3900 (VW/AUDI);
STD 1027 2712 (Volvo);
GMW 3205 (General Motors); GME 60276 (GM/Opel);
DBL 5306 (Daimler);
PPV 8010 (Porsche); SNV 195651 (Swiss standard)
sample quantity for test: 50 g or 20 cm x 30 cm
odour for: SAE J 1351 (standard); FLTM BN 131-01 (Ford)
sample quantity for test: 100 g or 30 cm x 40 cm

 Formaldehyde emission

flask method VDA 275 (edition: 1994-07)

"Moulded composites and fleeces for vehicles - Determination of formaldehyde release - Test procedure called modified flask method"

our test services:  
tests for: VDA 275; PV 3925 (Volkswagen/AUDI);
STD 1027, 2713 (Volvo); PA-C 325 (BMW);
GME 60271 (GM/Opel)
sample quantity for test: 6 test bodies 4 cm x 10 cm
Leather / Plastic: BMW: PA-C 325 without storage
          AA-C 291 with storage
General Motors/Opel: GMW 15635
Ford: WSS M99 P9999-A1
PSA Peugeot Citroen: D 40 5535
Leather auxiliaries: DIN EN ISO 27587; EN ISO 27587

More tests and prices on request.

Technical issues:
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