The research activities at FILK always focus on the requirements of the companies in the respective target branches and industries. Especially the innovation capacity of small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) shall be supported and strengthened with industry- and application-oriented research. As an industrial research institution, FILK contributes efficiently in this connection. The range reaches from publicly funded research projects in the pre-competitive basic and market-oriented research via branch-connecting cooperation projects and lastly targeted contract research.

The integration of the institute in national, European and international research networks and bodies beyond this, enables continuous extension of the knowledge base and active development of the research landscape.

The thematic focuses of the research work are on laminar-flexible polymer materials such as leather and its natural source collagen as well as material compounds based on synthetic polymers. Especially the applied materials research such as the clarification of structure-property-relations, surface phenomena, bonding and reaction mechanisms and the behaviour of these materials under stress are of very high significance. Based on this knowledge, new developments and solutions with relevance to the industry can be implemented.

Main research activities

Surface characteristics and tribology

Functional polymer coatings

Applied Collagen Research

Leather Technology