Vocational training and further education/Knowledge transfer

Within the industry-oriented research landscape, the transfer of knowledge, skills and experience plays an important role. FILK vigorously attends to these tasks. In particular by being involved in numerous bodies and associations, which promote the scientific exchange of knowledge and expert networks, the institute incorporates know-how into the industry and other scientific areas. In particular, the creation and extension of networks for pooling scientific competencies and for inter-disciplinary cooperation.

In addition, there are conferences for all main research areas of the institute which have become established as European trade meetings visited by international guests, and offer the participants, in particular representatives of small and medium-sized companies, a platform for exchanging experience and knowledge among experts.

The institute also contributes to covering the need of skilled personnel.  In addition to the initial professional training, this includes academic teaching, project work with students about to take their diploma or doctoral candidates, but above all the professional development and further qualification.

With a number of specialist seminars and qualification measures accredited by the German Chamber of Commerce, and continuously adapted to the needs of the industry, enterprises can have their staff members trained and qualified at FILK in the field of flexible polymer materials.