UPDATE on FILK business operations in times of CORONA pandemic

We are here for you!

Current developments of the CORONA pandemic (Covid-19) are of global dimension and come with a high level of uncertainty.

At an early stage, we have taken all measures to protect our employees and customers in the best possible way and at the same time to maintain undisturbed and full business operations as far as possible. All services as well as the service offers of our Accredited Test Lab of FILK institute are available at accustomed levels of quality and reliability. Your contact persons are available as usual.

At the same time, we guarantee that FILK is dedicating highest attention to current developments with regard to CORONA pandemic. Measures and activities are continuously monitored and in compliance with official orders adapted to recent developments. At this time, an undisturbed and safe collaboration with our customers and partners is ensured.

Please, address inquiries and orders to our colleagues of our Accredited Test Lab as usual: service phone: +49 3731 366123 or E-Mail.

Take care and stay healthy